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Daniel Slot

AWARENESS JOURNEY: The Passage to Happiness

His family’s fundamentalist Christian following gave him a solid foundation, but it never answered certain questions about God and human suffering. As a young teenager, Dan made himself a promise to refocus his life from survival to happiness and found ways to help support his family and move forward. Starting with a base of neighborhood lawn customers, Dan went on—in short order—to develop, own, and manage various commercial and residential properties. He continued to build his businesses, married, had three children, and began to feel part of something bigger than himself. He also met people interested in learning and being, and his focus evolved more into participating and giving. He volunteered in his children’s school and eventually helped found a Charter Montessori high school. He also became a Certified Financial Planner, a stockbroker, and a registered investment advisor and earned several awards, including the RE/MAX of Michigan Broker of the Year award. Despite his successes, answers to those life questions still eluded him. His continuing search led to inspirational thought leaders who opened his perspective to new ideas and potential. He began to embrace the importance of people, relationships, love, and awareness, and life began to make more sense.


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